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Coach Taylor's words following National Disabled Festival

Coach Taylor's words following National Disabled Festival

Monday, April 14, 2014
Author: Chace Family


I just wanted to say how proud I am of our Northeast Passage Junior Wildcat Team and what they were able to accomplish this past weekend in Marlborough (at the National Disabled Festival). For those unaware, your Junior Wildcats (in their first USA Hockey tournament) played for the Championship and brought home 2nd place!
When people ask Bill and myself about the NEP Sled Hockey Program, it speaks volumes when we are able to say we have a development team and a competitive adult team. The  growth of the sport has exploded in the past five years and the potential for continued growth looks promising. 
I remember when David, Griffin and Kanah were at the same place as Colby, Catherine and Gav. All of the players on the JunIor Team will someday take our spots on the Adult team and carry on the LEGACY of the WILDCAT.
I have had the privilege of playing this amazing game for 23 years, starting at the age of 4. A spinal cord injury and 3 Paralympic medals later, it truly is difficult to put into words what the game of ice hockey has meant to me and to my family. I want to remind all families and players to look at this game as an investment and never a burden. Never allow your mind to think you're bigger than the game. Hockey owes each of us nothing at the end of the day. We all will gain what we put in and the game will provide you with years of love if your respect it. The life lessons far exceed any championship or medal you will ever win. Lastly, remember, we all get to share this game with each other and no one person will ever be greater than the team!
Thank you to all of the amazing family members for supporting your young NEP Wildcats on and off the ice! 
Coach Taylor


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