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Monday, March 10, 2014
Author: Chace Family

Day #2 of competition did not disappoint. The United States got things started early as Taylor took a hard shot from the circle 57 seconds into the first period scoring a beautiful goal. Adam Page went on to score a pair in the first and second periods. The game posed more of a challenge than that v. Italy, but USA is also gaining momentum and gelling nicely as the tournament progresses. South Korea had all they could do to advance the puck out of their own end. Final score was 3-0. USA is now tied with Canada going into Tuesday's game v. Russia.

As fans, we had all we could do to hold our own in support of USA. Most of the 5,300 in attendance were cheering for Korea! Tuesday's game v. Russia is expected to be sold out with 7,000 in attendance including Vladimir Putin. We will definitely lose our voices at that one. 

After the game, the athletes were granted their first evening out of the Village to join their families for dinner. We enjoyed seeing them at the hotel which is within walking distance of the Athlete Village and the Black Sea. As a side note, we are not permitted to dip a toe into the Sea as there are high wire fences preventing access to the beach. There are uniformed officers, policemen and security checkpoints everywhere we walk. It's VERY Russian. Even the very nice young Russian volunteers are not very helpful because they are not from Sochi and have not been provided information on the big picture, i.e, how to give directions, how to obtain transportation, etc. Every day is an adventure!


Starting Lineup

Tyler, Taylor, Nikko, Jim, Paul, JJ


The Black Sea


Proud Parents

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